GLL-EBS-20 GreenLightingLED 25W Micro Inverter

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The GreenLightingLED 25 Watt Emergency Backup Micro Inverter powers LED, fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures during emergency situations for more than 90 minutes.

GreenLightingLED 25 Watt Egress Lighting Micro Inverter

Compare and Replace for Philips Bodine ELI-20-S Micro Inverter

GLL Micro inverter provides up to 25 watt of emergency backup light exceeding 90 minutes for LED retrofit installations to meet NEC requirement for EGRESS lighting.

The Green Lighting LED GLL-EBS-20 Emergency Lighting Micro Inverter is used in conjunction with an LED fixture to create a code compliant emergency lighting fixture. The maximum load of the GLL-EBS-20 is 25W. In the event of power failure, the micro inverter begins to provide full emergency power to the connected lighting load for a minimum of 90 minutes. When normal power is restored, the GLL-EBS-20 automatically returns to charge mode. Battery capacity is restored within 24 hours. The GLL-EBS-20 does not affect normal light fixture operation and can be used with a switched or unswitched light fixture. Each unit comes with a test switch and charge indicator panel.

Features and Performance

  • 90 minutes effective life, recharge within 24 Hours
  • Maximum Load Power: 25W
  • Lamps operated: LED, Fluorescent and incadescent fixtures
  • Dual Input voltage 120V or 277VAC, 60Hz | Input Current 90 mA
  • Output Current: 120V (165 mA) or 277V (72 mA) auto-select
  • Polymer Lithium-Ion battery technology with expected life of 7-10 years
  • Remote-mounting up to 250 feet maximum
  • Indoor and Damp location rated
  • Includes a test switch and charge indicator panel
  • Certified ARRA, Buy American - American engineered and American manufactured.
  • Complies with comply with UL, cUL, and NEC requirements for emergency lighting - Factory or Field Installation
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Additional Information

Our Part No:
Max Output Power:
Max Output Current:
Mfr Part #:
Input Voltage:
5 Year Manufacturers
LED, Flourescent and Incadescent
13.0" (L) x .3.0" (W) x 2.06" (H)
Product Data Sheet:
Ambient Temperature Range 0°C - 50°C
Fixture Type:
Case Size:
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Compare with Philips Bodine ELI-20-S Micro Inverter
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