446-L-SLH-TC-P Universal Magnetek T12 Ballast

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  • 446-L-SLH-TC-P Magnetek
  • 446-L-SLH-TC-P Magnetek - Wiring
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UNIVERSAL Magnetek Fluorescent Ballast, 120V, 2 lamps (4 ft linear tubes and U-bend) F40T12,  F40T12ES, F10T12, Rapid Start Ballast

DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER - Shipping Exact Name Brand Replacement. Operates same lamps with same wiring and mounting dimensions.

Universal / Magnetek Fluorescent T12 Ballast

  • GE GEM240RS120IP, 6G1020, 6G1020A, 6G1021, 7G1020, 7G1020G10, 8G1020, 8G-1021, 8G1022, 8G1025, 89G463, 89G529, 89G545, 89G825
  • Advance Philips R-2S40-TP, Mark III, R2S40TP, R-2S40-1-TP, R-2S34-TP, R2S34TP, Mark III, RQM-2540-TP, RS-2540, HQ-25P-20, HQB-2S40, HQM-2S40, HQM-2S40-1, HQM-2S40-2, HQR-2S40, LQ-2S40, RM-2S40, RM-2S40-TP, RQM-2S40, RQM-2S40-FL, HQ-2S40, RS-2E40, BRQ-2E40
  • Jefferson 252-702, 252-701-400, 252-701-800, 254-621, 254-661, 254-701, 254-751, 254-3701, 254-3701-700, 254-3701-800, 254-7701, 254-7701-400, 254-7701-800, 255-501, 300-701, 300-701-700, 300-701-800, 300-3701, 300-3701-700, 300-3701-800, 300-7701, 300-7701-700, 300-7701-800, 300-7701-700, 300-8701-800, 300-8711-800, 300-9701-800
  • Sylvania MB2X40/120RS
  • Howard M2/40RS-120
  • Sli/Valmont 6G1020, 6G1022, 89G480, 89G999, 8G1020, 8G1021W, 8G1022W, 8G1023W, 8G1024W, 8G1025, 8G1028W, 8G1122W, RF-240, RFC-240, RFH-240, RFH-240ES, RHC-240
  • Standard 17A1024E,
  • Universal 411, 446, 446-L, 446-LR, 446-LR-TCP, 446-L-LH, 446-L-LH-TC-P, 446-L-STF, 446-L-VLH, 446-LVLH-TCP, 446-A-LH, 446-STF-W, 205TCP, 300-1291-600, 304-1291-600, 304-1291-605, 304-1291-800, 304-1291-805, 304-3701-805, 304-4701-805, 440LQP, 446L2LTCP, 446LLHTCP, 446LREQP, 446LRQP, 446LSLHEQP, 446LSLHQP, 446LSLHTCPWS

Spec Sheet: 446-L-SLH-TC-P

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Additional Information

Our Part No:
Mfr Part #:
Input Voltage:
(2) F40T12ES, (2) F40T12ES/U, (2) F40T12/U, (2) F40T12, (2) F40T10, (2) F40T12/RS
9 1/2" L x 2 3/8" W x 1 1/2" H; Mounting 8.9"
Product Data Sheet:
Fixture Type:
Magnetic Fluorescent
Case Size:
Alternative Keywords:
Number Of Lamps:
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33 Reviews

  • 5
    niversal 446-L-SLH-TC-P Universal Magnetek T12 Ballast

    Ballastshop's electronic replacements for old school magnetic ballasts work great. When they say "guaranteed to work", they aren't kidding. Over time, we will be replacing many more magnetic ballasts and Ballastshop will be our first stop.

  • 5
    446-L-SLH-TC-P Universal Magnetek T12 Ballast

    Electronic replacement for old style magnetic ballast works great. Slightly different wiring configuration than older version but color coded wires make matching a breeze. I just ordered two more.

  • 5
    Ballast replacement

    Works great. Part arrived timely

  • 5
    Ballast replacement

    Works great. Part arrived timely

  • 3
    It worked for one light but made other light stop

    Installed ballast and the light that was out worked but the next light in the series quit working, not sure if this ballast just doesn't relay the power to the next light or what the problem is.

  • 4

    Product was fine once I understood how to connect. I needed to search YouTube for help. No instructions or help was included for DYI’s like me and your technical support uses emails (instead of phones or chats) that too long to respond.

  • 5
    Excellent Replacement

    This item is a perfect replacement, just as it claims to be. While it does not have the wires coming out exactly the same way as the item it replaced, that is the only difference, and the wires still all hook up, like color to like color, with plenty of length of wire to ensure you don't come up short when wiring the item up. Very happy with this replacement ballast.

  • 5
    Excellent Product and Service

    I ordered 2 ballasts to replace 30 year old originals. The replacements arrived earlier than I expected and were lighter and smaller but fitted in place without a problem. I connected all the wiring the same as the originals and the light worked perfectly. It's great to have it switch on fully and immediately now. I was very happy with the purchase and would recommend this company.

  • 5
    Replacement Ballast

    The substitute ballasts that I ordered since the original ones I needed for church lights were no longer available,, did fit as promised and were fairly easy to install. With the ballast being so much smaller and some of the wiring (black and white power lines) being way shorter than on the originals, I did have to do a splicing to reach, but everything worked in the end. Reading the diagram was so difficult I finally took a picture on my phone and enlarged it. Be nice to have installation instructions printed on a paper insert in the package with enlarged diagram. I was very pleased how fast they came after being ordered. Would order from this company again. Galen

  • 3
    Ballast Wiring

    I ordered 2 of these ballasts to replace a couple of almost 30 yr old ballasts. The wiring on these ballasts were different. The yellow wires came out of the opposite side. One of the ballasts had very short wires and i was barely able to connect them to the fixture. i did get them to work, but they weren't exactly like the originals they replaced.

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