HyLite LED HID Retrofit



Retrofit your HID fixtures with HyLite LED Lamps

Inefficient metal halide and high pressure sodium light fixtures can benefit greatly from upgrading to HyLite LED lamps. Key benefits:

  • Up to 80% Energy Savings: Ultra high efficacy allows the HyLite LED retrofit lamps to dramatically cut energy consumption and electricity bills.
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost: HyLite LED Retrofit lamps provide 60,000 hours of rated life. They last 3 to 5 times longer than other HID lamps.
  • No Ballast: HyLite LED lamps operate on 120 to 277v without the need for a ballast or other components. This results in greater energy savings and lower maintenance and total cost of ownership.
  • Quick Payback and High ROI: HyLite LED Retrofit lamps allow users to experience the key benefits of LED lighting upgrades with a lower initial investment. This results in a quick payback and higher total return on investment.
  • Utilize the same fixture: No need to throw your old fixture away. Save on disposal costs, and the costly investment into a new fixture by utilizing your current fixture and keeping the same look and aesthetic.

Hylite LED locations

Bollards / Walkways / Recessed Can Retrofits:

50 Watt HID Equivalent: HL-OC-10W-E26 10W Omni Cob LED

60W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-14W-E26 14W Omni Cob LED

75W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-18-E26 18W Omni Cob LED 

100W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-22W-E26 22W Omni Cob LED 

Post Top / High Bay / Parking Garage Lights:

150 Watt HID Equivalent: HL-OC-27W-E39 27W Omni Cob LED

175W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-36W-E39 36W Omni Cob LED

200W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-45W-E39 45W Omni Cob LED

250W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-54W-E39 54W Omni Cob LED 

400W HID Equivalent: HL-OC-100W-E39 100W Omni Cob LED


Wall Pack / Flood Lights / Street & Area Lights:

100W HID Equivalent: HL-AC-20W-E26-50K 20W Arc Cob LED 

150W HID Equivalent: HL-AC-30W-E39-50K 30W Arc Cob LED

200W HID Equivalent: HL-AC-40W-E39-50K 40W Arc Cob LED 

100W HID Equivalent: HL-AC-50W-E39-50K 50W Arc Cob LED